Engineering Whimsy

"During the July 20 evening tour of the art garden, Torres snapped cellphone pictures of Vicksburg artist Ferris near the completed mosaic wading pools. Ferris, who brought Torres into the project to collaborate on an alligator bench, designed the mosaics with images of flowers, snakes, frogs and turtles. The backs of the turtles' shells are Choctaw basket patterns. Water bubbled from the center of mosaic lilies. The two women laughed.

'I can't believe the water's on', Ferris said.' It's the first time I've seen water running. I'm thrilled.'

Her inspiration for her "play ponds" came from Italian gardens she visited in Tuscany. The whimsy of mosaic and water together appealed to her.

'I grew up on a farm, swimming in ponds, seeing snakes, turtles and frogs', she told the art lovers.

Ferris explained how the mosaic was fabricated in New Hampshire and brought to Mississippi. The pallets of panels sat in the heat and then the rain, causing a few complications. She said she was pleased at how it all—from concept to technology—came together."

Publication (Periodical)